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If you desire to be a part of the “Wedge 401” (company philosophy) like the oven’s on fire, Flying Wedge offers the opportunity to build equity in a real business and achieve financial stability. We offer franchisees a package that takes you from A to Z, with comprehensive training and ongoing support to help keep you on the Wedge track.


If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, we invite you to take a look at our FAQ section to gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and requirements. Afterwards, contact us if you share the same vision and see a  Wedge fit.


Here’s what you should do if you are interested in building a franchise relationship with Flying Wedge Pizza:

1.    Peruse our website, especially the FAQs for Future Franchisees, to learn more about our company and the product we serve.

2.    Visit  a few of our existing locations to familiarize yourself with our concept and its daily operations

3.    Fill out the Franchise Question Form and Confidential Statement of Affairs and forward this to our corporate head office.


To set a discussion appointment for further and more detailed franchising opportunities and information, please contact Yvette Pepper at our head office: 604-681-1288 or



Flying Wedge is NOT…

Flying Wedge IS…

  Mediocre, bland and ordinary

  Authentic, bold and creative

  A mega-brand corporation in saturated markets

  Unique, passionate and growing

  About maximizing profits by reducing quality of products

  Not willing to sacrifice quality for mass quantity