Thinking of owning a Flying Wedge franchise? Since 1989, Flying Wedge Pizza has been committed to making the finest, most flavourful artisan pizzas anywhere. This has lead to 20 profitable years, 20+ restaurants, a legion of loyal fans and more awards and recognitions than you can shake a stick at (about 60, but who’s counting?). We are interested in recruiting franchise business partners who share our enthusiasm for making and serving award-winning pizzas and who have a passion for working with people! We will strive to maintain a stimulating environment that encourages continuous learning and development for everyone.


Mainstream tastes are becoming more sophisticated and demanding than ever. In the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) category, this shift is already well underway. To increase customer loyalty, the Flying Wedge brand has built our reputation on a higher “IQ” (aka “ingredients quality”) and strives to continually elevate  the fast food category.


It is apparent from the positive reactions to our pizzas that Flying Wedge has much more to offer than a traditional pizza expectation and experience. In fact, our unconventional creations and hip locations have drawn in the likes of Hollywood actors and actresses such as Harrison Ford and Jennifer Garner, who are considered huge Flying Wedge fans!


With daily requests for business opportunities coming in from around the world, franchising has become a great opportunity to build an even stronger pizza brand, grow the business more efficiently and extend our reach beyond Vancouver to all of North America. Flying Wedge is confident that our future expansion into this realm of business will generate a terrific opportunity for everyone involved!


Here’s what we offer our franchisees:        coppersmith


  Assistance with site selection and lease negotiation

  Store design and construction coordination

  Comprehensive in-store training programs

  Complete store set-up and assistance in opening a new store

  Complete set of operating manuals

  Computerized point-of-sales technology providing complete,

     accurate and detailed reports

  On-going operational support

  On-going training as it relates to new product development

     and launches

  Merchandising support, advertising and local store

     marketing programs



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