The Making of Our Craft
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OUR SPIRIT: Locally founded by three UBC art graduates, Flying Wedge Pizza opened their first location in Kitsilano on Peace Day (now Earth Day), 1989. Since then, we have stolen the hearts (and nourished the appetites) of countless pizza lovers across the Lower Mainland. Voted by loyal fans and food critics alike, a simple idea to create pizzas with integrity has blossomed into 20 years of delivering the City’s BEST pizza!


OUR DIFFERENCE: Our award-winning wedges weigh up to 3/4 of a pound! They are “fully loaded” with premium gourmet toppings straight to the pizzas’ edge. There are no artificial or ingredient substitutes, no MSG or Trans Fats. We only use 100% natural cheeses and herbs. Our signature herb and flax-in thin crusts, proprietary sauces and special marinades are made from scratch, and by hand, fresh everyday.



OUR CRAFT: Since opening our doors, we have received well over 60+ awards and recognitions for Vancouver’s BEST pizza! Our unconventional and creative pizza flavours are guaranteed to dazzle your tastebuds and senses. Passionate and growing, we celebrate the exceptional and value being the best in our class.