FAQ For Flying Wedge Loyalty Card

Questions or concerns about your Flying Wedge Loyalty Card? Below are frequently asked questions regarding our Loyalty Cards. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact head office for further assistance.

Q. How do I sign up for my Loyalty Card?

To activate your loyalty card, follow the following steps:

a.    Go to the Loyalty Card

b.    Register your card by clicking on the “Don’t have an Account Yet? Register Now” link and filling out your information (Flying Wedge will not sell your personal information)


If you do not have access to the internet, simply sign your Loyalty Card up at a location nearest you. Your card will be activated within 72 hours (approximately) and you will automatically be awarded 5,000 Loyalty points upon registration!


Q. What benefits will I receive by joining the Loyalty Program?

The initial benefit is automatically earning 5,000 Loyalty Points towards complimentary pizza products upon registration. The on-going benefit of using your Loyalty Card is that every time you patronize a Flying Wedge location, you earn points towards complimentary pizza products and other rewards. At various times throughout the year, select locations will offer Loyalty Card members the opportunity to earn bonus points and free product rewards for a limited period of time.

Q. How many points do I receive with my purchase?

Each customer will receive one (1) Loyalty Point for every penny spent on a Flying Wedge “pizza product” which includes wedges, combos and whole pies (exclusive of taxes). You must present your card at time of purchase to receive any Loyalty Points.

Q. How can I find out how many points that I have accumulated?

During your next visit to your local Flying Wedge, simply ask the staff to see how many points you have accumulated.  They can check your Loyalty/Gift Card in just a few seconds.

Q. How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?

When you have earned your Loyalty Points in full redemption towards a slice or whole pie, inform the Flying Wedge representative that you are ready to redeem your points for the Flying Wedge Pizza product of your choice.  Be sure to have your Loyalty/Gift Card with you during the time of purchase so you can collect Loyalty Points with every visit.

Q. What product purchases can I redeem my points towards?

You can redeem your earned Loyalty Points for any regular priced Flying Wedge Pizza slice or whole pie. Point redemption towards non-pizza products, combos or discounted and promotional menu items does not apply.

Q. How many points do I need in order to receive free pizza?

One thousand (1000) Loyalty Points equals $1.00 in Flying Wedge pizza product (exclusive of taxes).  You can purchase any regular priced Flying Wedge pizza slice or whole pie when you have a full redemption amount of points

Q. Can I buy products other than pizza with my Loyalty Points?

You can only purchase regular priced Flying Wedge pizza slices and whole pies with your Loyalty Points that you have earned on your Loyalty Card.

Q. Can I still redeem my current Pizza Points and Frequent Flyer points?

Yes, you can still redeem your full redemption pizza points and redeem frequent flyer punch cards at any Flying Wedge location; however, be sure to pick up your new Loyalty/Gift Card during your next visit to begin the new program.

Q. What is the difference between the Loyalty Program and the Gift Card?

The Loyalty Card program and the Flying Wedge Gift Card program work on the same card.  The Loyalty program is designed to thank our loyal customers for supporting our restaurants by providing value by earning reward points every time you purchase an FW pizza product. The Gift Card can be used at anytime, without using the website and makes a fantastic gift.  Of course, to start receiving Loyalty Points, you need to sign up your Gift Card to the Loyalty Card program at www.FlyingWedge.com.

Q. Can I use one card for both programs?

Of course!  The best way to enjoy your new Flying Wedge Loyalty Card is to preload the card with the exact dollar amount of your choice and sign up to the website to start receiving loyalty points as soon as your next visit to any Flying Wedge location.  You will receive points for every pizza product purchase to be redeemed for Flying Wedge pizza at your convenience.

Q. What if the card becomes demagnetized?

If the card becomes faulty and the magnetic strip is rendered useless, you can ask to have your Loyalty Points moved to a new card that will be supplied by the Flying Wedge location nearest you.

Q. Can I transfer Loyalty Points from card to card?

Loyalty Points and any money that has been loaded onto the Loyalty/Gift Card are non-transferable.

Q. Can I purchase pizza using Loyalty Points and money?

You can purchase Flying Wedge Pizza with pre-loaded money on the Gift Card OR earned Loyalty Points in full redemption on the Loyalty Card, but not both at the same time, for the same purchase.

Q. Do I receive Loyalty Points with a Gift Card purchase?

Yes, any purchase of Flying Wedge pizza using a Gift Card will earn you Loyalty Points.

Q. How much does it cost to get a Loyalty/Gift Card?

Absolutely nothing.  Your new Loyalty/Gift Card is given out for free from any of our Flying Wedge locations.

Q. Do the Loyalty/Gift Cards expire?

No. There is no expiry date on our Loyalty/Gift Cards.

Q. Can I give the Loyalty/Gift Card as a gift?

Most definitely!  The Flying Wedge Gift Card is an ideal gift for anyone.

Q. What do you do with my information used to sign up for the Loyalty Program?

First and foremost we use the information you use to sign up for the Loyalty Program as a security measure, making sure that Loyalty Program points go towards our loyal customers.  No personal information will ever be sold, rented, traded or given to a third party so there is no need to worry about signing up to the Loyalty Program.

Q. Can I use the Loyalty/Gift Card in more than one location?

Your Loyalty/Gift Card can be used at any Flying Wedge location.

Q. Where can I find the terms and conditions for the Loyalty/Gift Card?

The terms of service can be found online at www.FlyingWedge.com and in your local Flying Wedge location.

Q. Can I buy products other than pizza with my Gift Card?

Any Flying Wedge product can be purchased with your Gift Card.  Since the Gift Card is preloaded, you can use it as real money in any Flying Wedge location.

Q. Can I redeem my Loyalty/Gift Card cash value?

All Loyalty/Gift Cards are non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Q. I keep getting booted out of your site when I try to sign up my Loyalty Card. Why is this happening?

If you are using a computer at work or any other computer with a firewall, that firewall may be configured to block off any foreign sites. Consider registering from your personal home computer if this happens.

Q. I already have a Loyalty Card, but received another one in a promotion. How come I cannot activate the second one? Will it go to waste?

Your Loyalty Card account will only allow one card per person; therefore, trying to activate a second Loyalty Card will result in an error message. If you have a second Loyalty Card that has been pre-loaded with free pizza, pass it onto a friend who has not yet enjoyed a free lunch!